Vyktoryan House of Representatives 2014 Election Results

In a small election, with three voters and three candidates, things went exactly as expected, with 100% voter turnout, and 2 votes for the Social Libs and 1 for the Freedom Party. This means that both parties gain the same amount of seats in the 3 seater parliament, according to the D’Hondt method.

Election Results:

Vyktoryan House of Representatives Election 2014
3 seats to be elected - 3 votes from 3 voters

Social Libertarian Party - 2 votes - 66.67% - 2 seats
Freedom Party - 1 vote - 33.33% - 1 seat

The House of Representatives has already made it clear that James-Robert Knight will be elected to the position of President, and James has elected Stephen Rocke to the post of Vice-President. The cabinet will be announced within a week’s time.

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